Georgetown Country Club (Georgetown) competes in the Washtenaw Interclub Swim Conference (WISC) that focuses on teaching kids ages 6 to 17 about competitive diving while preserving the fun that goes along with this great sport.

Georgetown’s coaching staff is comprised of highly skilled and trained aquatics professionals who create a team environment that nurtures our divers and keeps them coming back year after year.

The team practices five days a week and workout groups are established by age and ability. 

We understand summer schedules vary and families take vacations. As such, the Dive Team operates on a flexible attendance policy—your penguin’s practice attendance does not dictate their participation in competitive meets.

Please note: per WISC rules, swim team participation is open to Club members only. Junior memberships do qualify.



WISC Defined Dive Groups

  • Boys 8 and under
  • Boys 9 – 10
  • Boys 11 – 12
  • Boys 13-14
  • Boys 15-17
  • Girls 8 and under
  • Girls 9 – 10
  • Girls 11 – 12
  • Girls 13-14
  • Girls 15-17

2023 Practice Schedule

May 30  – June 9 Multiple Afterschool Clinics **Stay tuned for more information**

June 12 – July 21 (M-F)

9 and 10 age group: 10:00 – 11:00 AM
8 and under age group: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
11 to 17 age group: 9:00 – 10:00 AM, please arrive 15min early for on-deck warm-up

Scheduled Meets 

Thursday, June 22 – Required dive: forward lineup (8 & under), forward group (9 & up)

Friday, June 30 – Required dive: forward jump with hurdle (8 & under), back group (9 & up)

Friday, July 7 – Required dive: forward group (12 & under), inward group (13 & up)

Friday, July 14 – Required dive: back group (10 & under), inward group (11-12), twister group (13 & up)

Friday, July 21 – Required dive: diver’s choice

WISC Championship Dive Week 

Monday, July 24 13+ swim, 8U dive,

Boys: 1pm warm-up; 2pm start.

Girls: 3pm warm-up; 4pm start. 

Tuesday, July 25 9-10 swim, 11-12 dive,

Boys: 1pm warm-up; 2pm start.

Girls: 3pm warm-up; 4pm start.

Wednesday, July 26 8U swim, 13+ dive,

Boys: 12pm warm-up; 1pm start.

Girls: 3pm warm-up; 4pm start. 

Thursday, July 27 11-12 swim, 9-10 dive,

Boys: 1pm warm-up; 2pm start.

Girls: 3pm warm-up; 4pm start. 

Team Apparel

Team apparel including swimsuit purchases is available through the Georgetown Penguins Online Store via Swim Outlet. Custom orders take approximately 3 weeks so we strongly encourage you to make your purchase now, knowing your child(ren) will be on the team. Not sure what size is best? There is a sizing kit available at the Pro Shop.

Team Rates

Cost: $150 per child, includes Georgetown Penguins swim cap

Combo Discount: save $50 if you register a child for more than 1 aquatics program, e.g., swim and dive, or swim and synchro, etc.

Head Dive Coach: Patrick Holton

I chose to work at Georgetown because it had a great atmosphere and very welcoming staff, parents, and athletes! You are welcome to contact Patrick regarding any Dive Team questions or concerns.

Contact Information