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Support GTCC Facilities & Equipment

Georgetown is excited to bring back the GTCC Swim Across fundraiser for the summer of 2022!  Get ready to swim to raise money for two great causes—The ChadTough Foundation and GTCC (60%/40%)!

This free, member-only event is open to adult and child swimmers of all ages. Kick-boards and other swim aids are welcome for those who need them. Participating swimmers set a goal for the number of laps (25m) to swim in a 1hr time limit, find lap sponsors, and have fun on the morning of the Swim Across!

For 2022, to maximize lane access, swimmers are challenged to count the number of laps they can swim in 1 hour as their goal for their Swim Across.


Swim Date: Saturday July 30

Swim Times:  8:30am-9:30am, 9:40am-10:40am, or 10:50am-11:50am

Rain Date: by Appointment at GTCC

Donations: all due to GTCC within 1 week after your Swim Date


An opportunity to support two great causes:
  • The ChadTough Foundation (60%): raise money to fund research and raise awareness for pediatric brain tumors, with a focus on Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

  • GTCC (40%):your swim will support the purchase of bean-bag toss games, and a new Weber grill for the picnic area!  Swim hard now, and have fun later!  It’s events like this that help GTCC improve and sustain our facilities and equipment!

  1. You swim laps to raise money for The ChadTough Foundation and GTCC. You use your swimming skills to raise money to help others!

  2. Set a goal – how many laps (25m) do you think you can swim in 1 hour?

  3. Find sponsors for your swim. For every lap (25m) you swim, your sponsor commits to a small donation. The more you swim, the more you can raise for ChadTough and GTCC!

  4. Sponsors have the option of setting an upper limit on their donation. Just in case you swim a few hundred laps and they were not expecting that…

  5. If preferred, your sponsors can make a simple donation to support your swim instead of sponsoring your laps.

  6. Younger swimmers who may need a little extra help are welcome to use flotation devices such as kick-boards, noodles, puddle jumpers, etc.  Please bring your own device for assistance.

  7. Youth swimmers must have an adult present (parent, guardian, relative or friend), and this person should count your laps as your “witness”!

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