Georgetown Country Club’s Bylaws serve as the guidebook for all decision making. The Bylaws establish procedures for holding elections, organizing meetings, quorum requirements, membership structure, and other essential operations for our member organization.

The Bylaws are accessible to members via the Member Resources webpage or by emailing and are shared with potential members evaluating membership.


Purpose:  To preserve the quality and value of Georgetown Country Club (Georgetown) membership.

Background: Member compliance and staff enforcement is required to ensure a desirable environment for all members when they visit Georgetown. Additionally, ensuring appropriate use of the facilities is critical to the longevity of the Club.

Policy:  The rules of conduct for Georgetown members are stated in the Georgetown Membership Handbook for each facility (swim, golf, and tennis). Member understanding of and compliance with the stated policies and rules is expected. Violation of the stated rules and policies will result in follow-up actions by the Club Management and Board.

Willful destruction of property or willful actions resulting in personal injury may result in immediate suspension of all Club privileges or membership. The code of conduct applies to all members, regardless of age.