Georgetown Country Club was originally constructed with the surrounding neighborhood, known as the Smokler-Hutzel subdivision, in 1970 by The Smokler Company, who later sold the Club in 1973 to a membership group.

After almost 50 years, Georgetown Country Club remains a member-owned and operated community fixture with membership open to all regardless of the neighborhood you call home.


Georgetown Country Club serves as a welcoming oasis that connects members through friendship, community, and recreational fun for memories that last a lifetime.

Our Vision: To be the favored recreational club in greater Ann Arbor that promotes lasting connections in a fun, relaxing, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Our Mission: To deliver the best member experience through quality services, clean, safe, and well-maintained facilities, memorable programs, and fiscal responsibility, as well as provide a place for advancement for our staff members


As a multi-season experience, Georgetown Country Club emphasizes three core pillars with its membership offering:

  • People: create authentic connections.
  • Programs: focus on athletic, recreational, and social activities.
  • Place: swim complex, golf course, tennis courts, and clubhouse.