The Junior Discretionary Program (JDP) is a free certification system offered at Georgetown Country Club for members. Volunteers assess a junior golfer’s ability to golf without adult supervision. Successful completion results in a JDP certificate. The Program is open to youth members ages 10-13. Youths can golf on their own after the age of 14.

The Program is not open to non-members and non-member youths cannot golf without adult golf supervision even if they are with a youth member who has passed the Program and received his or her certificate.

The Program does not take the place of lessons or time on the course spent with a parent, guardian, or another adult golfer. It is also not a test of rules, though knowledge of basic rules is expected, and some are covered in the Program.

JDP appointments will take two (2) hours depending upon the number and skill level of the youth golfers who sign up.

3 Focus Areas: Safety, Etiquette & Pace of Play

The Program focuses on safety, etiquette, and pace of play. The instructor’s goal is to reinforce how youth golfers can keep themselves and others safe while respecting the course and other golfers. Such things as weather policy, proper place when others are hitting, sand trap and greens maintenance, what to bring to the course, and the general expectations of a Junior Golfer are covered, among other things.

What to Expect & What to Bring

The JDP consists of some brief introductions and explanation of what will happen, playing two to three holes with continued instruction and then a short, written test of 20 questions. Junior Golfers are expected to get 80% on the written test and are also expected to demonstrate the basic concepts of safety, etiquette, and pace of play. Skill level is not specifically judged but if it negatively impacts pace of play it may result in the Junior Golfer and his or her parents being asked to get some lessons and come back for another attempt.

Junior Golfers should bring their clubs, ball markers, green repair tool, balls and tees, and should be dressed appropriately. This includes pants or shorts with pockets, golf or tennis shoes and collared or t-shirt. Please no tank tops, bathing suits, flip flops, etc. They should also bring a water bottle and sunscreen if the weather calls for it.

Questions & More Information

Contact Brian Fitzgerald for more information.

Golf can be an enjoyable lifetime sport and the JDP instructors try to emphasize this during the process. Many local golfers who found success in high school and college started at Georgetown Country Club.

While parental involvement is not necessary, this is a sport parents can enjoy with their children. Parents can accompany their son and daughter on the JDP playing portion.


Contact Brian Fitzgerald to set up an appointment. Please be on time to your appointment. For cancellations, please call the Pro Shop 24 hours in advance. No shows will not be allowed to sign up again for a month. The JDP instructors are all volunteers who do this because of their love of the game and to make Georgetown Country Club a better place.